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Foxes and Feathers

Energy Healing
Frequency Art
Crystal Jewellery

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Frequency Art

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Crystal Jewellery

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Clothing Range

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Meditations and Attunements

Choose your course and start expanding your light

Awaken the Dragons

Energy Attunements

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Free Meditation

Meet the Dragons

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Frequency Art

Frequency art is channelled and images are guided by high frequency beings.  Each picture is lovingly created with the use of layering, images, sacred geometry and infused magic! The images are designed to work on the deepest layers of our being and can be used for physical healing, connection, quantum upgrades and DNA repair.  A selection of images for purchase are available or you can ask for a personalised image should you choose. 

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Energy Infused Crystal Jewellery

All jewellery is hand made in Cornwall, UK by Clare with individually picked ethically sourced crystals to bring with it an energy to help with our human ascension.

It has long been known that crystals carry specific frequencies that can be transferred to their owners. These new pieces bring with them not only the energy of the crystal but also the beings who have been channelled to bring the pieces to life. Each lovingly made piece comes with a channelled message from specific guardians of the Earth who have connected to help raise the vibration of humanity. Each piece has come through to help and support its new owner in their journey on this Earth plane and beyond. Please enjoy the energy of this page and allow your guardian to find you.

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Clothing Collection

A beautiful range of clothing designed by Clare infused with frequency art

 Especially for use during Yoga Classes or at the Gym with all over geometric print and beautiful designs to not only make you feel magical but also light up the world around you.  Each of the You are collections has been infused with Isis energy to help bring out your inner Goddess!

  • You are Enough Collection

  • You are Beautiful Collection

  • You are Loved Collection

  • The Dragon Collection

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Meet the Maker

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Credit to @cosmisresume

Clare Luscombe

Energy Healer, Frequency Artist & Channel

Hi, Im Clare and this is the fairy me, how my soul was created! After years of working and aligning in the matrix and a pretty insightful awakening I decided to embrace my inner nature and play with the unseen realms, as can be seen in the picture, I work with light through my hands, my heart and actions. (This was not a fast transition for me, it took me many years and lifetimes even to feel safe and at ease with all that I am. Aligning with my true self has allowed me to bring more of my light onto the planet and helped me live a life full of wonder and joy. I leave this picture here as a reminder of who I truly am at my core.

(This image was lovingly created by @cosmisresume


It is my dearest wish that I can help you uncover who you truly are and allow you to live a life of wonder and magic too.


Throughout the work and frequencies I offer I help you attune to the magical unseen world, helping you to get to know the 'light' and feel safe here on Earth and in who you truly are as a soul. I hope you enjoy the journey and embrace all of who you are in every moment!

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