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Awaken the Dragons

Energy Attunements

Awaken the Dragons: Energy Attunements

A series of five magic infused meditations to introduce you to the world of the dragons, your familiar (a dragon who has travelled with you through time and space since the beginning of your creation as a soul) and the land of the dragons who can help us cleanse, clear and focus our energy on so many levels. Energy Attunements work in a way that helps us FEEL the energy and therefore allows it to be absorbed by our whole energy field rather than just the mind. Learning information visually through reading or videos is great and helpful to our soul memories but 'experiencing the energy' through meditation, connection and attunement allows the mind to rest, the synapses to open and the experience to become life changing at a cellular level. This is why these attunements are presented in this way. Through these five meditations we meet with 4 special groups of dragons who are lovingly here to assist humanity through 'the great shift'. They can help us align our energy, that of the planet and that of the elements around us. We first meet our familiars, followed by the Earth dragons, Water dragons, Fire dragons and finally the Air dragons; all of whom can assist us in an array of ways. As an added bonus, if you choose to continue this journey a little further, we invite in the energy of the Ice and Crystal dragons, followed by meting Source dragons, all of whom deliver different energies and skills for us to work and play with through out time and space. Each attunement meditation is accompanied by a piece of frequency art with encoded sacred geometry from Andromedia and Sirius which can be used as a focus during mediation or a visual stimulus in printed or electronic form.

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