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Realign Your Energy and find your magic!

Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice that allows us to go within our own bodies and release stored energy.  Yin helps us to increase our energy flow and keep our human bodies happy, healthy and open to all that we are!  


Whether you are new to Yin, a novice, an aspiring teacher or an energy worker struggling to align your own energies... these 6 classes will help you to;


Clear your energy field

Cleanse all that no longer serves

Align your energy so you are in harmony with yourself and the world around you

Open you to the full experience of being a spiritual being in human form

Ignite your inner spark and

Energise for when you need a boost in Energy!

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These 6 classes will lead you through an energetic program designed to help clear, cleanse, energise, ignite, align and open to the energy of your soul:















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Each class is between 45mins and an hour in length, ending in a guided meditation to fully integrate the changes that have occurred in the energy body throughout practice. 

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