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A Journey into the Soul

For many lifetimes we have been clearing and learning from discomfort and pain. We have learned to deal with all the heart ache, the pain of loss and being disconnected...and what a journey it has been! But this time on earth is a time to rejoice in the lessons we have learned, the freedom we have gained and the new sense of oneness that we are opening to.

It is a time to embrace our soul, the lessons, the pain we have felt and to move forward with new found love of who we are and what we have been through. It is a time to allow ourselves to feel joy in the knowing that all things must come to an end, including these times of separation and learning through pain. It is a time to allow all the trauma we have experienced as a soul to leave the body so to allow for the new version of humanity to emerge based on the old carbon body that has been the human condition for centuries. It is time to allow the crystalline light body to emerge as we purge the old and allow space for the new.

It is a time where we are remembering our oneness to everything and becoming whole again. We are delving into our inner most fears and allowing them to be felt and released with all the lessons learned, allowing us to move forward into a great time of peace, joy and connection. While the world around us can at times feel cold and dark...and it is and will be for a time yet....these are all traumas and cues allowing us to release the old ways of being, to see the ways we DO NOT want to be and to lead us into ways of being that truly align with who we are and who we are becoming. It is only in the uncomfortableness of the world around us that we feel our emotions and allow our inner dial to point to joy and what we hope for rather than what has been.

Remembering that many are still on the journey of remerging and that many need the current triggers to allow themselves to awaken to their true nature and resolve the internal conflict that has been part of their soul journey so they can again regain balance and integrate both dark and light, positive and negative to become whole and encompassing of both dualities so there is no more extremes of light and dark but an integration of all things.


The Council of Light

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