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Ascension and Physical Body

Some of you may have heard of the term ascension but what does it really mean...? The ascension started at the second world war, where the shadow of the earth played its self out in ways that human psyche is releasing at this moment. If you are one of the awakening souls on the planet you will realise that life will never be the same again!! You will have been looking at your internal compass and trying to navigate what you 'feel' is right.

We all experience this shift in different ways but for the many of us that are awakening we are feeling deep sadness, loss, grief, anger and an array of other feelings that have been stuck in the human psyche for millennia. We are feeling bodily aches and pains and encountering issues that the medical profession are struggling to deal with and even identify in many cases. We are all taking a deep dive within and finding our authentic ways of being.

But to do this requires us to release the old out dated programs that we have been submersed in for so long....and this can be really hard to is like opening a can of worms that we have been dragging around with us for life times and going through them to release them to stars before we throw them out for good.

I don't know about you...but this heat wave (and the suns rays comes our ascension codes) my whole body has felt it..and as we are a collective of souls we feel everyone else's too!! So how do we navigate this....we soften into it. It has took me many years to realise when I am holding out dated ideas and beliefs about myself and the planet but every time I feel my body ache (and sometimes this can feel like the flu...spiritual flu!) I have found the trick is to soften into it...when the aches and pains appear I bring my energy into my body by just breathing and feeling my breath and set the intension to 'soften' for the rigidness felt in my body to release and my aura to expand, and I can feel a physical shift where my body feels bigger, lighter, expanded...some of the aches and pains can still be there but...the aren't ready to be released yet, so I leave them as they are and get on with my day feeling as expanded and soft as I can be at this time!

I allow myself the peace in my heart to know that when I am ready the rest will release...after all...if it all left in one go we would be like a heap of jelly on the floor! Its a gradual process of our bodies releasing on their time...and upgrading to their maximum potential at any given time....they are the ones ascending after all! :)


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