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Automatic Writing!

I felt drawn to share the premise of automatic writing today! This is a way to communicate with spirit when your are not sure your 'spidey senses' (those 'knowing's' we get from spirit!). If you are having a particularly difficult time connecting (which happens when we are blocked or cant see to the knowledge of a situation that might be on our mind alot!)... you can use automatic writing! You write a question down that you are wanting to know about and an answer will intuitively come to you to write down in response to your question!

To begin! Sit your self at a desk or somewhere comfortable for you, ground yourself by using the connection meditation in my co creation and the journey of ascension blog...the written link is here! Co creation and the journey of ascension ( grab yourself a pen and a clear piece of paper or a journal and off you go! The trick is to allow your mind to be clear as you ask and wait for a response! The response should be pretty instantaneous! You can ask for responses from specific angels, guides, past loved ones and even your own higherself... Just set the intension of who you would like to commune with and trust that that IS what is happening! Trust and belief are so important when communing with spirit....its like Tinkerbell said.....Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust!

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