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Autumn Roots

Often times Autumn can be seen as a letting the leaves fall from the trees we let go of all that is no longer needed! But sometimes we forget that in the letting go we allow ourselves room to grow! To allow our roots to go further into the Earth, to connect with all those around us as our roots grow further and further in the safety of Gaia (Mother Earth).

As we connect further into Gaia we root further into our ancestors, the journey of the Earth and the roots of our human being. We allow ourselves time to go underground and grow from a space of darkness and safety. And when we are ready, we allow ourselves to grow even further into the sky, to be seen, to be welcomed by the sun, the sky and the elements around us. We allow ourselves to connect further with all that is around us, all that is above us and all that we are!

When the seasons change from autumn, through winter and the time for rest, we find we go into spring with a 'spring' in our step knowing that the beauty that we are is ever changing, ever growing, ever mutating into the new. And as we have allowed the old versions of us to fall away, we have allowed the depth of our being to expand and the beauty of our light to grow.

Namaste fellow travellers

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