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Body Image

The importance of body image! Being a starseed, angel, nature diva or array of other beings that are awakening on the plant at the moment can sometimes be a of the layers that has been coming up for me recently is living as a human! I love to be in the spirit world, speaking to angels and guides, sharing space and allowing ideas to flow...that's my 'bliss state'! But how can we bring our 'bliss state' to our physical being!

By allowing ourselves to accept that we incarnated as human for this lifetime! And as strange as that maybe to hear, I speak to a lot of people who struggle to accept themselves as human and love the body they are in!

Not only are their the body issues of being in a human form knowing that much of the destruction of the Earth has been at the hands of humans in various forms....wars, neglect and destruction of the natural environment...and that in itself is reflective of how our internal world works...(at war with ourselves, neglect of our own needs and destruction of our human form by drugs, alcohol, poor diet etc)....but also the way we physically look!

For eons we have strived to look a certain way, women have worn corsets so tight they restrict their breathing, men have lifted weights so heavy that heart can no longer with stand the pressure the body is putting on it and all in the name of how we look!

Body Image is so much more than the outer appearance, it is the acceptance and taking care of the outer appearance and human form while accepting and taking care of the inner self, the inner child, the soul urges and our link to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Body image is our view of our internal and external being, accepting and embracing both to find balance and wholeness in the human experience. One cannot be cultivated and experience growth without the other. We are in the process of integrating our five energy bodies, the physical, emotional, metal, spiritual and etheric bodies in order to grow and evolve as a species.

Life here on Earth is so much about balancing and accepting the inner and outer view of our world in order to allow our lightbodies to integrate all that we are to continue the adventures of being human in an evolved human crystalline form! Crystals do not form with out considerable pressure and change of form....and you my friend are evolving into a beautiful crystalline form if you allow yourself to feel the pressure and allow the transformation to happen with acceptance and grace of who you have been, who you are now and who you are evolving into!

That is how we find our Bliss allowing ourselves to evolve and integrate everything that we are as a whole without compartmentalising anything, without rejecting anything, without being in one body more than another but finding our balance in all of them at all times...that is what allows us to be in a flow state and find our Bliss :)


With all my Love


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