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Bringing the Shadow to Light

What is Shadow....? Shadow are the parts of us that we have disowned, neglected, thrown out and rejected. Our shadow makes up the parts of us that we didn't feel safe enough to love, the parts of us that others shamed and we therefore felt the need to reject them to be accepted by our peers, our family and society at large. Our shadow is the part of us that eclipses our light and brings with it a distortion of our energy and our own true light. It is fuelled by our judgements of ourselves and others and the thoughts and actions we have taken that have been outside the 'accepted' reality we live in or out of alignment with our true selves!

The shadow parts of us can be REALLY well hidden in our psyche as we defend our sense of self and the judgements we have put on ourselves and others. It takes courage and awareness to allow this shadow to come up and be integrated into our being allowing us to shine without the distortion of shadow. It is the dualistic parts of ourselves that disown and reject each other. Although the notion of shadow can at times be scary and bring a whole host of challenges as we integrate and infuse our dualistic parts together: each shadow that appears is a gift to our being. It brings with it awareness of how we hold ourselves back and what we truly think of ourselves at the deepest level of our being.

So how do we bring our Shadow to light....? We allow ourselves the space to be the observer of our thoughts and reality. We watch how our thoughts and stories play out in our minds and allow them to do just that...after all they are only stories we have held to protect ourselves and our hearts.

Whatever is coming up for you, I hope you are able to see these shadows for what they truly are...Gifts that are leading us back to our light! For a meditation to help you gain access to the deeper aspects of yourself and hold loving space for all of the parts of you please access my meditation for self love and release.

Namaste Clare

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