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Calling Back Your Power

Today I woke after having very vivid dreams involving an old friend...I haven't seen him for years but clearly there is still some form of attachment as I was dreaming about him! So... what was my soul doing in my dream time...?

Making sense of the situation that had happened between us, assessing his soul and allowing my soul to move forward! Dreams rarely come in the form of the actual happenings but rather a dynamic form that alludes to the deeper meaning of the relationship you had with the other person. There are clues and signposts throughout the dream that allow you a little insight into what was playing out in your life at the time! And everything comes up when it is ready and not before!

So, for my Yin practice yesterday I was working of releasing the past...and the main bits that stand out about the practice was that when in dragonfly my back and kidneys were feeling the intensity of the asana just as much as my legs...not surprising really as the kidney meridians are being opened and the kidneys are in the back! So...why have a told you this...because our kidneys are related to our self confidence and how we feel about ourselves. The particular gentleman that came through in this dream had clearly had an effect on my confidence and that had come up to be looked at. At that time in my life I felt I was quite confident in myself, out going and fun loving...the dream reminded me of the hurt I felt though having this particular person in my life. It reminded me that I was looking for something outside of myself to 'complete' me and when that option was taken away I felt rejection.

But the dream was more than that, it showed me that this particular person treated a lot of people badly at that time and is still healing from those things himself. It taught me that there are always two sides to a story and we can Call back our Power in situations that have happened in the past. Calling Back Our Power allows us to pull all of the rejected parts of us into our awareness, and hold them in a loving embrace while we heal the heart ache and allow ourselves to gently and slowly be pieced back together by our own loving acceptance!

That is where our power lies, that is our journey in this love ourselves whole again!


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