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Clearing the Heart

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

At such an important time in the human journey I felt the need to share a heart clearing practice. Our heart is our gateway to the divine, to our higher self, our diving being and the higher dimensions. When the heart is blocked we find it hard to connect with ourselves, with others, with the world around us and the cosmos. Clearing our heart allows our connections to grow, our path to open and our hearts to flow. This heart flow allows our energy field to flow and our being to stay health, whole and connected.

A way to clear the heart is to find a quite and calm place where you feel safe, place your hands over your heart, close you eyes and allow you focus to come to your heart centre. Once you have done this and you feel safe you can ask for your heart to release what is ready to release at this time.

For me I hear words, sentences, and conversations my soul has had/is having on a different time line or past lives. I rarely hear anything I am expecting and I purely allow the conversation/words to flow as I listen and give space to what ever has come up. I allow these words/sentences to work through to completion and often find I see, feel or know that a part of me is ready to be released. I often feel/see/know that this part of me has walked away from my being as is transmitted into the light so it no longer 'weighs me down'.

Once this process is complete and no more can be heard or felt visualise light coming directly into your heart centre to 'fill up' your heart and fill the space that has been left.

After doing this you may find that your moods changes or you feel extra emotional allow these emotions to filter through your being and be fully released. Try to keep you focus on your body so you mind doesn't 'latch on' to these feelings and make its own story from them....they are literally just energy that has been trapped in your body and is filtering through!

Good luck, I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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