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Clearing your Energy Field

Today the need for energy clearing had come to my attention....we often forget that we are energy...that is what we are made up of and is how our human body is constructed. But we often spend so much time in the 3D reality of the physical that we forget we are Energy and as you probably know energy attracts other energy!

Depending on how far down the 'rabbit hole' as it were that you have gone you may have come across the terms entities and implants! And depending on your view point will depend on what you believe about these two terms. For me there are things that we cannot see with just our human eyes which is why it is so important to be aware of what you ae feeling and why! Our energy field can be disrupted by outside influences and thought forms that 'float' around in the collective. When we spend time with others or in densely populated areas our energy field can pick up on others' energy and thought forms. Its really important to notice when your energy has changed and if it is something that has come up from your energy field or someone else's.

A great way to look at this is to do an energy scan! Sit down in a quiet spot and place your attention on your physical body. Gently scan down your body to see if you have any 'heavy' areas or areas of 'congestion' or tightness and imagine white light going to this area to release the heavy or congested area and transmute anything that does not belong in your energy field, or anything that is attached to your energy field. Once you have done this (and you can do this are a being of light made of energy!) you can shine light from your whole body and imagine a protective shield around you to protect the light you have just infused into your being!! And as always...magic happens when you believe!

Once this process is complete you should feel uplifted and your energy should be repaired! You can do this as often as you like during a day and each time your should feel uplifted and open. Doing this regularly helps us to grow and stay in alignment with who we are and be less affected by the physical world around us!

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