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Co creation and the journey of ascension

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

I don't know about you but lately it has become very apparent that the world we live in is changing...the rules and actions we used to see as the only way to go are crumbling and making way for us to become our true selves and co create our worlds!

So what does that mean.....and how do we go about doing it...? By now you will probably have come to the conclusion that YOU are your REALITY and that we do indeed create our own reality based on our ideas, subconscious mind and hidden beliefs...all of which are coming to the surface as we navigate this massive human leap in consciousness! We are nor the same people we used to be and our inner and outer reflections are changing at a phenomenal rate...our keep up and expand as we feel drawn!

For many of us it seems like the challenge of co creation is huge hurdle...and possibly it is as we are not used to doing it...but that doesn't mean we cant....purely that we haven't fully embodied ALL our soul memories yet or accessed our highest truth, part of which is that WE are creators and WE create our own reality...or CO CREATE should I say!

But what does it mean to CO CREATE....I am fast coming to learn that it means to go within, find what our hearts desire is...activate it, by FEELING the vibration of and then make our way towards it! If you are not used to this, this can be scary stuff! To have all that power to co create your reality and to actually follow your heart and your dreams....which more often that not leads to you making your own path and doing the exact opposite of what most people around you are doing! Coming out of the traffic jam and into the fast lane at warp speed is as scary as it gets!!

So guidance I have today to help us on our journey!

Connect and ground in 5D...there are many meditations that will do this for you but it is simple to achieve your self!

Meditation - Bring your energy into your body...concentrate on your breathing and actually feel your human vessel! Once you feel centred imagine tiny tiny roots coming from the base of your spine and the soles of your feet and connecting with the earth, all these roots to go down through the soil, into the bedrock and down to the very centre of the earth where there is a ball of light, Gaia's heart that you can connect with, allow this connection to happen (much like in the film Avatar when they connect with their horses and birds!) thank Gaia for her presence and allow the light to travel up through your roots and back into your body activating all of your chakras on the way through your body to your soul star chakra (about a foot above the head) as a bright white light shoots up and connects you to the universe above. Allow these energies to settle and trust that you are connected to both Gaia and source energy!

Allow your light to shine...allow yourself to be who you are and expand from your heart, bringing yourself into a space of love and nurturing energy.

Meditation - Bring both hands to your heart centre and gently allow light to flow to your heart and expand your being (this could feel tricky at first if you are not used to being in this space but try to make it a daily practice to clear the energy of your heart and let it expand!)

Heal your Heart! For many of us there are deep wounds in our heart and the more we open them the more hurt falls out! Allow this process and be as kind to yourself as possible, it may have been closed for a long time and fear of letting people and emotions in are high at this gentle and allow your emotions to rise and fall as you practice flowing love to your own heart everyday!

Meditation - As with the above light meditation place both hands on the heart and set the intension to allow all of the parts of you that have been hurt and broken to join together be gently put back together. Call for all the parts you have evicted and rejected to come back to be seen and heard allowing them to know your heart is a safe place of acceptance and grace Thoughts and feeling may come to you at this point, allow them if they do and listen with an open heart, accepting the gifts they are bringing back and the hurt that you have been through as a soul. Accepting these parts of yourself with our judgement is key.

Open to Source... Allow yourself to know that there is something more in the universe that wants to work with us and through us and allow your heart to be lead into a space of openness to all that is and ever will be.

Find Your Joy... allow yourself to follow the little quiet inklings in your heart on what you want to do in every moment and how your soul wants to create your life...follow these prompts as often as you can and more will come as you start to trust in yourself and your soul journey of co creation.

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