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Relaxation and Healing - Where Massage can help!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Human touch has long been know to create massive healing benefits and is one of the reason massage and remedial therapies can work so much magic for the human condition.

Allowing yourself time to quiet the mind and let the body fully relax works wonders on both the immune system and the neuromuscular system. When our mind relaxes energy is able to move more freely around the body and the central nervous system (which is connected to the brain) gets a break in bio magnetic feedback caused through our thoughts. This break in the loop allows the body time to relax and let go giving it much needed time and space to send energy where it is needed and begin the healing process. The more often we can do this the more our body can heal and find its own balance allowing your soul to be fully embodied in your human vessel...and that's when the magic of healing can really happen!

Our soul is pure energy and the more of this energy that can work its way around our body, the more healing and expansion our bodies can feel. The aches and pains we so often feel are areas of tightness that need the time to expand and allow our energy to flow freely through our being.

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