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Dropping the Inner armour!

After my last post on ascension and the physical body it occurred to things do when my inner guidance isn't locked away in a box! That the pains I have been feeling in my body and I'm sure a lot of you guys have been too: are my 'inner armour' being faded out!

I am lucky enough (in some respects) to be able to 'feel; what is going in my own body and my inner knowing always knows the reason for what I am feeling physically...or at least what it is for! The softening that I spoke of is actually a way of dissolving the inner armour that we have created to protect our heart...and to me that is exactly how it there are cracks and opening in my armour that are getting bigger and in essence 'burring away' the armour that has protected me....and for the last....probably 3 months, I have felt like my body has been literally burning up! To me its like the 'metal plating' that has made up my armour is becoming hotter and hotter as it starts to melt away and disintegrate...we are literally 'lighting up' our human bodies like a light bulb as we ascend!

My advice to anyone feeling something 'different' in their body that you have not felt before, or that medical science is struggling to find a reason for.... is to soften and ask what it is that is going on....what is your body showing you and how can you help it do what it needs to do!


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