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Earth as a Multi Dimensional Portal!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

This is a very interesting time to be on Earth! There is so much going on in our inner and outer world its almost hard to keep up! But when we allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment and be directed by our soul guidance we find we knew all along what was going on....we just forgot for a little while! Take a look at this blog if you want to find out more about following soul guidance! Follow the Trail..... (

Many times when I look to the night sky I see the star turning different colours and more and more of them seem to do this, they are dwarf stars....but what is happening to them...and the planet...? We are being pulled through a multi dimensional portal...that is what's happening! Some have been known to call it a 'Black hole' but it is a portal, that splits matter from the denser or darker varieties leaving the lighter less dense matter to flow through it unhindered! It is where we are going as a planet and a race!

And Earth is really important!.....Really important in this portal! It is the last of the planets left in this star system that can accommodate life.....and it can accommodate ALL forms of life that have been in this star system! And why is this so important....because the other planets in this star system are not capable of supporting life at all at the moment....they have all been exhausted of their resources and are now inhabitable in their current Earth is acting as the mother ship to take ALL that have grown and learned from life in this star system to the 5th dimension to meet the other planets that have already ascended! It is like a sponge that collects anything that is left and takes it where it is meant to be!

Pretty awesome to be here now and help this shift!

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