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Emotions and Physical Pain

It seems to be quite wide spread now...the notion that our emotions can cause pain, but how does this happen....?

From a purely scientific view point, what goes on in our brain travels through our nerves and neuro receptors and some times get 'stuck' in certain areas! It has been reliably researched and discovered now that fascia within the body is a major factor causing pain in the body. Fascia is a tiny spider like web that goes all the way through the body, bones, joints, muscles, organs and is one HUGE web covering the whole of the body from head to toe. As it covers everything it also goes through the nerves and neuro mentioned just now...which carry signals from the brain.

So this 'web of life' if you like sometimes gets stuck and twisted and as you can imagine sticks together like a spiders web would and traps all those signals within it and thus a certain area of the body get a stuck pain receptor...cant go forward, cant go that's where the pain resides...until it can be moved and shifted!

So how can we do that...? Water is essential, as our body is 70 ish percent water and so new water in the body can help 'flush' these areas through, but sometimes they get really stuck and need a bit of extra help! This is where movement comes into play...although its possibly the last thing you want to do when in pain stretching and gentle easing of the area will help to untangle the web...this is why yoga and similar forms of exercise are soooo good for us. They have the ability to gently ease out these tangles, stretch us and realign all the tissues around the tangled mess of fascia. Just like when the washing gets tangles and needs to be pulled apart and then ironed for the next 20 mins until its back to its original beautiful flat self.....our body is exactly the same...although obviously the use of on iron is not advisable!

Other gentle ways to ease out these creases are body work in the form of massage, energy healing, myofascial release and Thai massage to name but a few (there are many others)...and the beautiful thing about these methods is that you get to chill out, have a rest, disrupt the pain loops and get someone else to do the melting stretching and realigning for you :)

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