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Energetic Implants, Entities, Attachments!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Not some thing I would have been comfortable to share a while ago, although I have known about them for a while! As energetic being we can often have energetic implants and entities attracted to us. They are energy that keep us in our lower mind and stop us from experiencing our full light as the energetic beings we are! To say them seems a little scary and I am sure you have seen all the movies where people have been implanted and controlled via these implants.. Black Widow is an excellent representation of this! Yes that is what they are like and have been used to keep humans in our lower minds, that of fear and separation for a long time.

Now don't get me wrong some sources would suggest that these have been here and a sinister plan was in place to make this happen...however my soul takes a very different approach to the subject! With out these implants, entities and attachments we would never have been able to experience life as separate from source and each other. We would never have been able to experience loss, heart ache, pain and the polarities of the human experience without these 'interventions' as some people call them! And that is exactly what we came here to experience, learn from and grow to a new level of expansion.

So, at this point in our evolution, how can we see there is a positive side to these entities, implants and attachments! Once we are conscious enough to realise that we are a being of light and that we are hear to help awaken humanity from its slumber, we realise that these implants, entities and attachments can actually help us on your path of enlightenment, growth and evolution!

I am sure by now you have had realisations and moments when you feel totally in alignment with who you are, your soul and the rest of the cosmos...and other points where you seem to have blockages, can't connect and feel separate from all that is once more. Often our mind becomes busy and peace is suddenly clouded! This is where an entity, implant, attachment or even rouge thought form has entered our energetic field. And the good thing about this happening is that we are able to see what our fears are, how they are affecting us, how we have become separated from our own divinity and where we are not aligned with love. So although these words, names and labels may invoke fear...they can actually be used to great advantage in our journey once we accept them for what they are...a means for learning and growth (hopefully this post will help you look into any fears you may have around entities, attachments and implants!)

The trick is to spot the changes in your mood and mind chatter early so you can investigate and scan where these are hiding in your energy field, face the fears that are arising and get rid of them once and for all. See Clearing your Energy Field ( for a quick way to clear your field and find your peace again, although this practice will clear your energy field it may not root out the fear! Once you are ready to look at and feel the fear you can clear the ones related to that fear for good! This is where a good energy healer, spiritual friend, or spiritual teacher can help as they can identify and sit with you as you face your don't have to do this alone! There wouldn't be 7 billion other humans on the planet if you did!

Once your energetic field is strong enough and there are very few or no fear loops left for these entities, attachments and implants to hold...they can no longer see us or get into field! Use them to your advantage and awaken to your true may not be a nice experience at times but once faced the fears melt like butter and we feel lighter, more embodied and life becomes a dance! :)

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