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EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.....and you can commune with everything! now we know that energy is everything...we are all made of it and so is everything around us....but what does this mean for us....? Well quite simply everything is energy and therefore has its own consciousness so we can commune with anything! I kind of knew this before but didn't realise what this meant....until I saw an episode by Teal Swan and Read the book Cosmic Messenger by Elizabeth Peru!

I knew I could converse with someone's soul and speak to them telepathically where ever they are on the planet...and beyond in actual fact! I have had many such conversations although struggled to accept that I could do this at will until something to practice there!

I have had some amazing experiences talking to animals and helping them on their journey...although for some reason I don't do this all the time....something to ponder! I have also been able to commune with crystals for a long time and that is how I have created necklaces and given their guidance on my website.

But then I started communing with plants in the garden and asking where they wanted to be and what they needed...and all of them thrived...I need to remember to keep doing it however!! I also realised I could speak to the things in my house...and as I was doing a big clear out I would ask all the things where they wanted to go....some would say there is someone waiting to collect me on Facebook Market place, others would want to go to a charity shop to see what that felt I put them where they told me to put them!

Sound is a little but its totally true and you can do it too...once you decide its real and follow the guidance given! It comes as a feeling and quiet words...or an instinct to put something in a particular place mostly but your heart has to be at least a little open to receiving the information given...and that's about trust and belief! And also very importantly, trusting yourself!

These things are so important for our growth as humans as we move further into the Age of Aquarius and we remember who we truly are and that we are all connected to EVERYTHING!

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