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At this time on earth, although the world seems to be loosing its mind it is all in a grand plan to allow us as individuals and a collective to expand and grow! And I love a bit of word play....expand means to make bigger and Sion is said to be the land of Palestine or Jerusalem which links to Christ and Christ Consciousness! It is the process of Source expanding and coming back together in love and light!

Everything seems to be happening so fast but its is our job to keep up with the expansion on a personal/inner level. So how we do noticing the niggles that are causing us to feel uncomfortable, to notice the sensations in our body that are calling to us to be looked into. By going deep within ourselves to see where we may have got in a 'comfortable' space and look at why we are reluctant to move. The universe has a habit of forcing a move if we refuse the call to make changes in life. This starts with an inner change that ripples out to the rest of your life. By noticing the wants and needs that you have been hiding and bringing them to the forefront so you to grab them with both hands and go with the flow towards who you are becoming. By facing the fears in your heart and running towards them instead of away from them.

Expansion is a subtle game of noticing the signs within and allowing the changes to occur. Just like the trees loose their leaves in Autumn allowing their energy to move down to their roots as they grow and expand into the Earth ready to expand their branches and leaves when spring arrives. Expansion is the process of going within to explore our roots, our connection with the universe and allow our inner world to extend and expand ready for the changes that will inevitably occur in our outer world as we grow and expend for all to see!

The universe is magnificent and you are part of it if you allow yourself to expand and join the universal light that is all around you. Sometimes it feels like we will run out of time or that we need to be doing everything now...but in actual fact time is part of the illusion of self and being separate from source...but it is also hear to help us grow and expand as day by day we learn more of the secrets that are hidden within the body that allow us to expand to our fullest!

Namaste fellow travellers :)

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