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Finding Flow

So, today the notion of flow has come up...I have felt totally at peace and totally in alignment at times and also totally out of alignment and out of peace!! And it reminds me of how quickly things can change and how changing with them is so necessary for staying in peace and flow! Why is that so important....? Because energy flows, our soul flows and like water this flow can change at any time and so our otter world can also change at anytime!

It brings me to think about when I was at uni doing my teaching degree...there were lots of moments throughout where I thought this is not what I want to be doing...this is not bringing me joy and yet I persisted...because that's what we do as humans and kept going until it got really bad 1 month from the end of my course...and I followed all the advice from friends and cant quit now there's only 4 weeks left etc etc...what a waste of time if you quit now! So I stayed...I finished the course...and spent 10 years teaching because that is what I had trained to do and heaven forbid I quit at something...or that's how I felt at the time!!

Did I find my joy in teaching...for a little bit but soon turbulent water hit and I had no awareness of flow or how to be in plodded on with life getting harder and harder mental health was shot and I broke! Why am I sharing this, because this is possibly one of the best examples I personally have of going against the flow....and continuing to go against the flow for a very long time!

So this week has been an exercise in following the flow for me! Long story short, I found a plot of land that gave me inspiration and ideas started flowing.. I was a bit slow on the uptake for following this idea...fears crept in and I wasn't sure! Then I found my flow, released a few demons and flow started to happen again! I put the house on the market and with in hours I had 32 viewings, 2 offers an the estate agent rang to say they had so much interest they had to tell people they would call back next week as they couldn't fit them all that's how fast flow works!

Fast forward to today (5am following 13 viewings and 2 offers!) and there has been much releasing of fear around selling a house so fast and 'risking it all' as they say and I have found myself bouncing around in the current with flow coming in and out....little eddy currents flinging me off course and spitting me back out again!

So what is it about this that has made me write...mainly as I wanted to share my experience in case anyone goes through similar...when we think everything is going well and then all of the sudden something doesn't feel right and we're not quite sure why! As we raise our consciousness and become more inline with our soul our 'feely feels' (as one of my friends puts it) become more and more 'feely' and things that we used to do without thinking or feeling anything become very apparent to us and sometimes this can be a bit strange if we are not used to it! But the first step is in the noticing of when something doesn't feel right so we can correct course or stop completely before we get washed down stream into a flow of turbulent white water that is so much harder to get out of than the lazy stream of flow where our soul likes to be!

So what can we do about it when we feel these things...slow down, see if we can realign to the nice peaceful easy stream? Leave a situation if that is disrupting your peace and flow? Stop completely and readjust before we hit the current of rapids? Feel into the situation and what our 'feely feels' are telling us? Allow ourselves time to come back to our centre, looking at the reason for the adjusted flow, which could be an emotional issue in us or those around us that we are ignoring? All of these things helps as well as noticing when you are out of joy! Joy is so important to our flow! When our joy 'drops off' so does our flow, noticing this and then allowing our hearts to lead us back into joy is so important in staying in the flow...and doing this in every moment of everyday allows us to be in the flow and our soul to shine as brightly as it wants to...and it really want to shine all out!

This is a never ending process and learning and readjusting, taking our needs as top priority and learning how to listen to what we need at all times! Have I perfected I'm sure as hell gonna go with as many calm currents as possible from here on out and I hope my sharing encourages at least one person to notice and do the same :)

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