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Finding Peace!

Today finding peace is the title that has come to me! What does it mean to find peace and how can we encourage peace in our lives....?

Its been a hectic rollercoaster ride these last few weeks...currently there are seven planets in retrograde....all of whom are having an effect on us and the way we view the world! For me there has been many revelations and releasing of old emotions that no longer align with who I have become! This has been amazing and scary at the same time!

The realisation that peace comes when we are in total alignment with our souls...and sometimes a massive shift is the only way to come closer to this alignment! So what does it mean to be in follow our joy and to be who our soul craves us to be! When we are in alignment all the worries seem to fade away...we don't worry of we are doing the right thing or if people like us, or what our next move is...we just know that everything will be ok and we are being fully ourselves!

We can easily ignore the niggles and pretend everything is ok...but the thing is....our soul gets louder and louder and the discontent and 'misalignment' that we feel can no longer comes to the surface and starts to scream at us to my case literally move! So how do we know...its all in how we feel and where we are when we feel 'lit up'. When we are creative and in the flow....obviously staying there all of the time is not possible as we need time to rest and be but when we are lit up, we are creative, we see how things could be and ideas such an amazing feeling to have but is so easily extinguished when even one thing in our lives are out of alignment!

The figure out where it is that you feel creative and alive (this is alignment) and then notice when you are out of alignment! Just noticing your mood and when it drops gives you some clue as to what is not resonating with your soul any more and paying attention to what lights you up and doing more of that is how we get into alignment and find our peace with the world! It really doesn't matter what is going on in the outside world if you are in alignment with who you are because you will cry when you need to cry and release the attachment to things you cant control and life will start to flow in a way that you may not be used to as a human...getting into this flow is how we start to heal the world and allow others to meet us in the flow!

Allow your light to shine....find your flow and notice the places you go that bring your mood down or when you feel your armour come up and your light go down....find what has the opposite affect and allow your soul to shine!

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