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Finding Peace

A friend once said to me after one of my awakening moments (to which there are many for most people!) that she was so glad that I had found peace within myself! This was not to last long at this time as I was so not used to feeling peace that I almost immediately let my mind take over and my thoughts to run the show sending messages of thought loops through the nervous system quickly undoing the peace that I had found!

But this experience was awesome...I had at least a few moments of peace throughout the whole of being and energy field to know what it felt like! So why was this so important to my soul development...? Because I knew what it was like to feel peace, to feel so completely open, centred and void of the energies of fear and worry that plague our planet at the moment, and it was a feeling so new, so misunderstood to my system at the time that I couldn't hold that feeling, that vibration.

It was this very feeling that has allowed me to face everything held in my energetic system, to be able to feel all of the energies around me and to understand that this is not the only way to be, to understand that at our core we are peaceful souls, open to so much more than we experience from the mind and our human existence...that peace is our resting place, it is what our soul is looking return to that state of peace! Not worrying of fearing what might happen but feeling safe in the knowing that everything is at its core perfect (even with the shadow that is so strongly helping to awaken as many humans as can hold their hearts open!).

It is that feeling of peace that the body and soul is that sense of peace that drives us forward to live our passion and our mission here on Earth. It is that sense of peace that is our compass home to ourselves and leads the way into new ways of being and new worlds as we embrace and follow the actions and callings of our heart to find our peace we find ourselves, our soul and our purpose here on Earth!

With All my Love


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