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Finding YOUR Centre

I don't know about you but for the past week I have struggled to find my centre!! A place of peace where my mood is calm, my mind can focus and I can find my peace. Its been a turbulent few weeks, especially in the Plymouth area and no wonder we are struggling to find our centre!

Being energy beings it is hard NOT to pick up on the energies around us....a simple trip into town can send us totally off balance by the sheer number of people we encounter not to mention the energy from 'wobbly' businesses and all that is happening in the world!

But how can we re centre when we have come out of our heart and into our mind...the noise from our heads....all the other peoples ideas and stresses ALL affect us weather we realise it or not!

I have just sat down after a whirlwind trip to Bristol and have REALLY noticed how my energy changes around others and different situations! Don't get me wrong....this can be a wonderful thing and actually was exactly what was needed to get me to realise just how much my mood/energy changes around others. It has been a whirlwind journey of realising what is mine and what is not, what I find important and what I do not and how to re centre myself when I feel totally out a balance!

Coming back to the heart! I have mentioned before how I can feel my own energy in my body....and often I feel like a discombobulated head....all my energy is in my thoughts and my head....there is lots of noise and the rest of my body just seems to get dragged around on auto pilot!!! And my god have I felt it this last week!

There has been so much re centring and getting back into my body! But the best way I have found when totally out of balance is TO BREATH.....simply to breath and feel the air in my lungs, place a hand over my heart and set the intension to centre and BE from my heart instead of my head!

Why is this so important.....because when we spend all our time in our heads we are logical, we act from what we know, what we have been taught and this is not all there is to it.... we see everything through the eyes of logic and forget to feel, forget to embrace our hearts and our inner child, our inner being....we forget that we are more than thought, that we are beings designed to FEEL and act from these feeling rather than a preprogramed way of being....we are beings that are connected to everything in the universe if we see with our heart!

Of course our mind is needed and is very useful in problem soling, finding ways forward and being in the world.....but our heart is our centre point, our way of feeling...and when we feel...we create...that is what we are....creator beings!!!

So staying centred and allowing our heart to feel is the way to change our world and our reality, to feel our way into a more wholesome world where our hearts are connected and our minds are a way of helping our hearts get what they want rather than our minds running the show! This week has taught me to re centre again and again so I FEEL what is happening around me and allow my body to actually join the ascension process.....Life is so much kinder when we allow ourselves this :)

With Love and Gratitude always


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