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Focus on Energy Healing

Over the last decade or so there has been much emphasis on Energy least in certain circles...but what actually is Energy Healing...?

Energy Healing as a modality can be used for an array of issues with the body. It works on multiply levels so can very effecting in treating the root cause of ailments when used in conjunction with other modalities, such as Medical treatment, meditation, mindfulness and changes in lifestyle.

Energy Healing is not a one stop shop to heal all ailments unless other factors are addressed in conjunction with the healing! So...what do I mean by that...? Energy Healing draws on Universal Energy (the energy of the universe of you like) to channel healing to where it most needs to go.

The body has many layers, the physical, the emotional and the mental to name a few. The universal energy channeled goes to any and all of these layers to help align and 'fix' them, if you like. It helps the energy centers or chakra's open and the meridians and energy lines to flow, allowing the newly channeled energy to flow with ease around all the layers, helping them stay aligned and healthy.

However, sending energy to these layers can only go as far as opening and helping them flow...this is where the term..'being in the flow of life' comes from. However, as you can imagine, when we stop or hinder this flow by reverting back to old habits, eating poorly, blocking out feelings, living in our mind rather than our body and generally going back to exactly what we did before the Energy Healing...we will again come back to the same place, or a slightly different one depending on what changes we have made to allow us to be in the flow of life' again.

So, in essence Energy Healing can be a fantastic modality for healing on all levels of the body, mind and soul, but without a consistent flow of energy and changes to our everyday life we will need to again go back to be realigned...staying in the flow of life, living our passions and allowing our emotions to flow while taking time to connect to the universal flow of energy through meditation and mindfulness is the way to ensure all levels of your being stay in flow and your physical vessel, mind, and soul stay health and happy! 💞☺️


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