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Focus on Myofascial Release - Part 1

Myofascial Release has to be one of my favourite modalities to is a part of Sports and Remedial Massage, features highly in Thai Massage and can be used as a modality all on its own. It is an amazing technique to use but finding information on it seems to be a bit of a challenge!!

Myofascial Release at its best can be a gentle and supportive therapy that helps the body and mind to unwind. From a scientific view point, fascia is a web of microscopic tissue that runs through not only the muscles but bones and organs to and attaches to the touches every tiny microfiber of the human body...and is why it is SOOOOOOOOOO important to our health and wellbeing!

'The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all the other systems'

James L. Oschman, PhD

This amazing web carries water and electrodes throughout the body and seems to essentially be the way our energy runs throughout our bodies....which makes it the bridge between the physical scientific world of metaphysics and the 'seen' sciences and the world of energy and spirituality!

From the very first time I heard of fascia I was hooked and my love for this amazing system in the body has grown ever since. It is the life blood of our amazingness as humans and the villain in many peoples chronic pain!

This microscopic, almost 'missable' system in the human body plays such an important role it is inescapable when helping the body to return to health.

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