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Follow the Trail.....

I never know if these posts are for you guys or me!! As you have found me I guess we are on the same trail to fully embrace our light! The words Follow the Trail keep ruminating in my mind today! Like all great adventures there is a hidden map that guides us through life, with hints, tips and signs along the way. As the embodied beings we are...its our job to notice and embrace these signs...but how do they appear to us...?!

The divine guides and beings that are helping us through this amazing adventure to the fifth dimension send us signs and synchronicities ALL the time...but often we don't notice them or just put them down to a coincidence...there are no coincidences, these are designed to help us along our journey if we allow them!

Signs and synchronicities can turn up as...

  1. Animals: consistently seeing the same animals or them popping up randomly or bugs landing on us, butterflies appearing all the time are all signs from the divine to help us on our is our job to interpret what they mean for us, and this can be different for each person.

  2. Song Lyrics that randomly pop into your head or on the radio as you switch your engine on. Sometimes we will get an urge to put the radio when we don't usually and you can bet which ever song is blasting our is going to have significance for you at this time!

  3. Repeating numbers or double numbers. Often when we are on the right track of a place to go, thought or conversation repeating numbers will be drawn to our attention like on our phone or the clock over! A sure sign that we are on the right track and our vibration is high!

  4. Buzzing or humming in our ears, it will be intermittent and can be a sign that we are on the right track or that we are getting some downloaded information coming in (yes we can get downloaded information like that!) It might take a few minutes, hours or days for that info or guidance to be fully integrated into our being but have no doubt it has come in :)

  5. Being drawn to.... a book cover or title, a certain deck of oracle cards or crystal and just know that this 'thing' will help guide us on our journey!

  6. Meeting people that we 'feel' like we have met before or have a strong connection to, these people often have some good insights for us...listen carefully and try to 'feel' into the conversation!

  7. Random sentences...noticing when a sentence seems unusual or out of place in the conversation can often be a clue or message from the divine.

  8. Gifts that are given to us from seemingly random places.

  9. Repetition....the same words, phrases, classes, course, people etc showing up again and again, especially in a short space of time.

  10. A random thought that just pops into your head for no reason is a sure sign your guides want you to know or focus on what ever popped in!

The higher our vibration gets the more we attune to these trails and as with everything, practice makes perfect! Noticing these signs is not done through the rational mind but through feelings that resonate for us. When we get a churn in our tummy or an over whelming feeling to cry, tingles in the body or flashes of light as we are reading. A 'knowing' that something will help or being intently drawn to something. The signs can be very subtle and getting to know our own internal navigation system helps us greatly on our way to awakening and following our highest and best path in life.

Good luck spotting and deciphering your signs and synchronicities fellow adventurers! :)

With all my love Clare

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