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Gifts, Autism, Dyslexia and more....!

Having been a teacher for many years the terms we use to describe differences in the way we and our children learn has often been an issue for me and in the last two days it has been brought to my attention I thought I would share a difference in perspective on these 'labels' for want of a better word!

The term autism, dyslexia, ADHD and an array of terms for people who 'function differently' is raising in the public eye and has been for some has the opportunities for humanities awakening.....and at this point I would just like to point our that coincidences are rarely coincidences at all but the universe trying to get your attention!! It is no coincidence that children are coming in with more and more sensory 'issues'...I don't believe them to be sensory issues at all...they are simply over whelmed by all that is in the world and struggle to process it all in the way we live in todays fasted paced society!

Imagine if you will being able to 'see' people in their energetic form....with light bubbles coming from their heart, the trauma they carry as black and multi coloured blobs in the aura (which the energy of a person....(at a base level all we are is energy and light!). In addition to 'seeing' these things on multiple people you can also hear their thoughts like they are your own and 'feel' their feelings like they are your own. You can be so instinctive that you know what is going to happen before it happens or why something is they way it is just by listening to your own inner knowing.

Now add all of those senses to a room full of 30 people and include the physical senses of hearing, taste, smell, 3D vision of the human body, touch and all the different sensations that are brought through the millions of sense receptors as they are ignited by every tiny bit of fabric that touches the skin, variations in heat from indoors and a breeze from outdoors while you can also hear the hum of technology, the heater, the cars outside, the hum of the lights and the refrigerator and all the other noise we blank out in everyday life And in addition to this being taught to use a language you are not familiar with while remembering facts and figures that are being taught to you when you actually cannot see why they are useful at all because they do not correspond to what you see and feel as you live in the moment, the future and the past do not exist to you only the current moment and all your senses.

This is what an awaken child/human deals with on a daily basis...we are energy, we see hear and feel as energy and these are gifts to be nurtured. Some can see angels and guides and hear their own and others angels and guides...their world is different, their senses are different, their abilities and needs are different. They can dip on and out of the energetic world and the physical world at will if they know how to and are given the space and acceptance to do so. These are not to be labelled or dulled with medication, punishments or distaste for being different...this is amazing...humanity is awakening to its pure potential as energy in motion...these gifts are amazing and to be embraced to all who encounter them.

Is it not surprising with all of these things going on and not being able to share with others what you see hear and feel as they don't understand you a reason to become angry and shut down....? It is, but the more of us who can embrace these gifts and those of our children with love and compassion the more of us can do it too. With of our love and understanding of ourselves, our inner being and that of others the more ripples flow out to the rest of humanity so they can also see themselves and their gifts with love and compassion.


With all my love Clare

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