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Healing inside perspective!

So, today I feel drawn to talk about the healing crisis! This is a period of 'time' here on Earth when the body purges the stuck and unwanted emotions that it has been holding....It can seem like your symptoms are getting worse or that your health is declining...if you feel this is the case obviously seek medical advice and do what feels right for you. But again I will re iterate at this point as I have said in the past on a personal level I can speak to my body and instinctively know what is going on....many of us can do this but it takes trust in yourself and your body.

Many of us have held fears about death and dying that may have been there for a long time so these fears will interfere with our ability to follow the bodies guidance. Also, for some this may not be one of our skills, for others we may have spent lifetimes perfecting and enabling this skill within our being and are just relearning/remembering how to listen!

I will use myself as an example here as I can only base my experience on what I see in others and what I personally feel! I rarely get sickness symptoms but in the last week I have had three days of feeling sick, stomach pain, low energy, fatigue and generally feeling unwell! For some the mere mention of these symptoms will have you thinking about food poisoning, gastroenteritis or even a commonly talked about issue at the moment which I will not name!

However, I allowed my inner knowing to kick in and knew it wouldn't last forever, the 'popping and stretching' as it felt was energy stuck in my sacral chakra (which is the energy centre below the belly button...we currently have 7 main energy centres...the chakras!) This lead to a really uneasy feeling in my stomach which lead me to not want anything to eat....this isn't always a bad body needed a cleanse and so was making me have one willing or not! That's the thing about bodies...they will get there own way in the its always best to listen! Not eating made me extremely tired and a wee bit irritable as the emotions I had been storing were leaving the body so I let myself be still and rest when I needed to! It meant I wasn't the usual 'happy go lucky person going with the flow that I 'like' to be' but that's what I needed....with the least amount of 'beating' myself up for not being happy and bubbly as possible!.. So I allowed my body and soul what it needed.. that's what listening to our body looks like!

Now don't get me wrong I am in a great position where I can allow myself and body time for these things...but that has not come easily...there has been a long period of adjustment and acceptance around the flow of money, working for myself, trusting the universe, and changing the way my life is made up. I am not saying the way I have a healing crisis is the same for everyone...what I am saying is that listening to our bodies and our souls is paramount while trans versing this human shift in consciousness...and we will be experiencing these 'crisis' of healing as we progress on our journey of ascension as a race and a planet....all together!

The more conscious we are of the effects of massive leaps of consciousness on our mind and body the more we can adjust our lives to accommodate the changes that are occurring within us. The more we change to the needs of our body and souls the more our lives change and the more we allow our true selves and souls to be part of our human experience! and the less healing crisis' we encounter! But sometimes we have to get through the hard times to see the gifts! More on this tomorrow!

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