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Healing Together

Today I feel drawn to write about healing together....but what does it mean to Heal Together.....? We say it a lot but do we really understand the meaning of the words we use?

To heal together means to allow people their own journey...not everyone will be on the same journey as you and we are not all meant to experience the same thing. We are all part of source/God/a benevolent being...whatever you choose to call this massive universe we why would any of us experience exactly the same as another being? With this in mind all we can do for another being is to be there and allow them to make their own journey.

This is where holding space comes in, it is what I mainly do in treatments, hold space for the soul to awaken and see its next steps weather they be to let go of a long held belief or heal a part of the body that needs attention...I would love to take credit for doing all these amazing things....but actually what I truly do is hold space for another being to find their own way.

Holding space is something we are all gifted with but many have forgotten how to use it. Now don't get me wrong I am by no means perfect and am realising more and more everyday when I am triggered and feel the need to 'heal' someone...or give my 'advice' when someone is looking for an answer but in essence the journey is to hold space for each other and allow each and every being to have their own journey weather that be as part of ours or not.

Healing together means allowing everyone to make their own choices, their own mistakes and have their own views. It doesn't mean we have to blindly follow them or do as they ask or even stay in their lives if we feel it is time to simply means allowing everyone to travel their own journey and experience life the way they are at this moment....and that includes us!

Sometimes we want so much to be helpful to others and help them along that we forget they are their own being and on their own journey, able to make their own choices and hear their own inner voice if that is indeed their journey. We forget that our true power is to love all with all our hearts (including ourselves!) but to be fully detatched and allow everyone their own journey...even those closest to us!


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