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Heart Charka Collapse!

This is not a new phenomena to me...I have had many people come to me for treatment and their heart chakra has either collapsed while they are with me or had been collapsed for a long time before seeing me. would seem in the last week I too have had a heart chakra collapse! Just because we are healers or intuitive, spiritual or on our path, our heart chakra can still collapse....we are not immune to anything!

So what is it for your heart chakra to collapse? It is when a fear has over taken your energy, when you have dropped to a place where we cannot connect or feel the world around us, when we are unable to feel your own feelings and our soul is out of alignment with who you truly can happen extremely quickly, especially in the density we are in as a collective right now on earth. This isn't actually as hard as it may sound and I share my experience for anyone who is going through this or may do in the is not a death sentence or something that is not correctable it is a state of being that doesn't align with who you are.

Many people can walk around with a collapsed or closed heart chakra and it doesn't particularly affect them...the state of being asleep, or unconscious! The heart chakra is the key to our ascension and once awakened sends a toroidal flow around the body. When we are out of alignment this flow decreases, we loose energy and our connection becomes weaker. If were truly living in an awakened state at all times, we would not get sick as our energy would flow easily and without effort...this is a state we are moving to as a collective.

When the heart chakra collapses our toroidal flow shuts down and the chakras become blocked and we inevitably become ill! If it happens all at once the chest feels tight, our throat closes, there is a feeling of immense heaviness, and shallow breathing as the mucus fills our lungs and we start to cough and splutter! Sounds like a cold/flu that many of us have had recently!! There is a lack of energy, of hope, of seeing the joy in life...and most certainly if this were to continue to stay in this place the health ramifications would be sever!

So if we think we are in this space what can we do...? We connect....we set the intension to get our toroidal flow to move again......with all our hearts and being....we imagine, we dream, we see our lives as the best they can be, in connection with all, full of love and living in harmony with each other and the world around us and we don't stop until we FEEL the pictures we are sensing in our mind...we stay in mediation or daydream state until our being has reintegrated and our hearts have opened! You will know when this has happened as you will feel a sense of joy or excitement, a feeling of love as your soul and energy has lifted! All we can do step out of the density and into a new reality that we create for ourselves. Self care and self love, dreams and visions, connection and guidance are SO IMPORTANT to us now as we transverse this amazing shift in human consciousness...realigning again and again and again until we can hold the vibration of love for ourselves and others, so we can hold our hearts open and not allow them to close in the density.

If you are reading are one of the angels, the guides, the coaches, the starseeds that are able to do is your gift to humanity to hold your heart open and hold space for as many others to hold their hearts open as you can. Don't ever doubt your worth or your ability to heal others just by holding your own heart open!

If you think you may be having trouble holding your heart open I have created a mediation to help you do just that

With all my love, Clare

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