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Let the Weeds Grow!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

So, this morning I woke with joy in my heart and nature ruminating in my head! I had recently done some meditations for myself to get to the root of some of my fears! And although this was definitely needed the term 'plucking weeds' was mentioned in how to pull out these fears...or at least speed up the process. This lead me to think about my garden and how nature works!

I have been doing a wild flower experiment in my garden, or re wilding as some people call it (stay with me here...analogies are how my soul works!). I wanted to see what happened if you left the weeds to grow and the garden to do its own thing as everything is useful and has its own reason for being! So to start with I had a garden full of dandelion's (and my mum trying to pull them up at every opportunity!)...However, I left the dandelion's to grow and up pops some information on why dandelion's are important for your garden...they help to put prosperous and other nutrients back into the ground while cultivating the hard and dense land underneath (which is why nothing else will grow!) I left the dandelion's to grow and the following year I got rib worked plantain all over the garden...again classed as a weed but again I was lead to a growing course that talked about how it is used in many home healing remedies for surface burns etc on the skin . So to me this is a sign that it is working on the top layers of the soil (follow my line of thought here!) as the skin is like our top layer and everything is reflective in this universe!

Anyway...this brought me to the weed analogy in healing our fears! If our fears are the dandelion and we keep pulling them out before they have done their job of softening the soil and putting back much needed goodness and the healing of the rib worked plantain never gets to grow as the soil is too dense....surely like the dandelion those fears will just keep coming back until they have done their job of making way for the healing plants to grow! But if we allow them to do their job and loosen all the density in our being (probably based on other fears!) they will all come together and loosen our fears altogether to make way for the healing to occur!

Now don't get me wrong sometimes there are a lot of fears to overcome in this journey but allowing ourselves to do this and let the weeds come as they may instead of trying to pick them all out as they grow (what a massive job that is...have you ever tried to de weed the garden one weed by one weed!) we find we make huge leaps in healing as we are able to see how everything interrelates to the original fear...which probably wasn't about the original fear at all but something much deeper. And actually although painful in the growing of the weed, looking at the issue beneath seems much easier to deal with and allows a much quicker integration of those fears as we have had small insights along the way and can 'connect the dots' if you like to the very origin of all the fears that have grown along the way and become distorted as they have grown...just like our shadow distorts our light (see the blog Bringing the Shadow to Light ( for more info on this! It also allows us to connect with others along the journey who can help steady the ground and our growth as we go through the transitions of healing!

Life is how you view gentle with yourself, allow the weeds to grow and do their job, enjoy the journey and all the people you meet along the way that help to cultivate the land ready for new growth :)



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