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Living in 5D!

I am sure as you have found your way to my blog you have heard of the term 5D or the 5th Dimension but lets explore what that actually means!

Humanity as a whole is shifting...from a 3D or third dimensional consciousness to a fifth dimensional (5D) consciousness! It s a process of letting go of the old and embracing the new. Many talk of the third dimension as a matrix which we are navigating our way through.

For me it is a process of getting through the mind clutter and learning to create our reality...after all we are creator beings and it is our birth right to create the world we want to live in. Obviously there are challenges at the moment and we are being shown our shadow side in no uncertain terms. The side of humanity that like to control and fears death, breaking away from the norm, doing things other than what you are 'told' to do or it is assumed you will Go to school, choose a career path, stick to the career path, find a partner, buy a home, save for retirement, get insured...etc etc. All the things that we believe as a given on this planet at this time.

Some of us have always felt that these things were...well a 'little off' and have been unsure of why that was the way the world should work. On a personal level I have always wondered 'why' life had to be this way...and coming from a very 'conventional' background found it SOOOOOO hard to do what I was 'supposed' to do in life! Now don't get me wrong...I did it for a long time but that doesn't mean you always have to do it, as I am realising more and more every day".

This transition from living the life you were 'supposed' to live and living the life of your heart is how we are bridging the gap between the fifth and third dimensions. You may have noticed that there are a certain percentage of people who are living the life they want to live. Not always an easy path but it is happening more and more as people are 'waking up' to their power to create their reality and follow their heart rather than the crowd!

This shift takes a huge amount of courage and if you are like many and have the urge to go a different way and do what your heart tells my friend are starting your bridge into the fifth dimension!

So, some things that are helpful on the journey into your heart...your fifth dimension...which is different for all of us!

  1. Time seems to either run quickly, slowly, stop completely or just seem a bit 'non existent'.

there really no time...that is a 3D human construct to help us stay on time for jobs, appointments etc...when you are flowing and the fifth dimension is approaching or you are submerged in it time seems irrelevant and fluid!

2. The things that used to bother you don't seem as prominent anymore!

You may have spent your whole life fighting for a cause or living a particular way and it just seems...pointless right now! You are starting to allow your world to change around you and letting life 'flow' a little more!

3. You rarely get stuck in traffic anymore but there seems to be a constant flow of people where ever you go!

It is quieter in the fifth dimension as not so many people are 'there' but can go into a shop or cafe that is totally empty but once you have gone in everyone seems to have followed you! You are becoming 'brighter' as it were as your heart starts to shine and people are naturally attracted to you or more specifically your aura/space even if they don't know why! Its like they just get the urge to go and get coffee at that particular moment!

4. You mind starts to become quieter!

You can really tell when your head and thoughts start to rule your being. Your mind can get particularly loud or quiet at times and you are starting to notice! If you really want to you can also shift your awareness into your heart and quiet your mind when it is racing! A great trick to bring you back to centre and into the present moment!

5. Astrology reports, moon cycles and inspiring content just keeps popping up!

The world seems to have shifted from the mundane and you are innately interested in the universe, moon cycles, astrology and how things work, how you can improve your own life and be happier and less concerned with the media.

6. Things seem to 'come from nowhere'!

You can change your mind at the blink of an eye, ideas seem to pop into your head all the time, you start to see synchronicities...or repeating numbers, a symbol will suddenly pop out to you or you will notice an animal walk/fly by that catches your attention! Your angels and guides are sending you messages and leading the way in the only way they can from where they are!

7. You start to choose based on what 'feels' right to your heart rather than your head!

Whenever you make a choice from your heart you get the overwhelming feeling that everything is going to be ok...even if its a really scary decision/choice/move. You are not quite sure why as you have no idea what is going to happen next...but you know its going to be ok!

If you are noticing these signs welcome to building your road into the fifth dimension....if will now!! :)

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