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Self Care and allowing yourself what YOU need!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

With all that is going on the world right now self care and loving yourself is SOOOOO important! So what does it mean to truly take care of yourself and love who you are?

Loving yourself is the process of finding out who your truly are, accepting yourself for all that you are and allowing yourself to be exactly that! We spend so much time in life trying to please others....our boss, our kids, our partner...but how often do we truly try to please ourselves and give US what we need?

It seems like such an easy thing to do but with all the chaos and turbulence in the world figuring out what you actually need can be tricky! But, once we start to figure out our needs and true desires the world becomes a little easier to navigate! Sometimes, the best way to figure out what we need is by taking away what we DON'T how do we figure this noticing the things that make us angry, resentful, annoyed, ashamed, upset.

I'm not saying these things can always be taken away...for example when your are frustrated with your kids or husband its probably not the best time to up sticks and leave them!! However....the feelings you are experiencing are an inner cry for time to when these feelings are experienced it could just be time to say...'wait, I need some me time' and go do something you love doing...they will survive without you for a few minutes or hours if have someone who can watch them for you!

Its also important to remember at these times that your not a bad guy for doing this, your soul is just asking for space and time, loving yourself allows you to give yourself this with out judging it as a bad thing allowing it to 'just be' what you need at that time!

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