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Metaphysics and Ascension - A road map to our soul!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Haven't done a post on the physical part of ascension for a while and the reasons for our aches and pain on a soul here we go!

Metaphysics is the part of physics that talks about energy and the human body and what our body can tell us about soul growth...and it can tell us a lot! Obviously this is not a post that should stop you going to the doctor if you are ill but it is a post that could help you understand what might be going on in your energic world and for your soul growth!

So, various parts of our body can guide us and tell us where we might benefit from taking a look at how we are approaching life and it is actually very simple to understand when you get your head around it! What ever system structure or phenomenon is going on in the body is related to how we view ourselves and our lives...and even how we choose to proceed in life.

So, for example our muscular skeletal system or our muscles and bones are the structure of our body, they hold us up, support us and they are the underlying structure for movement...without them we would simply be a jelly puddle on the floor! So when we have issues to do with our bones and muscles this is an indication that the underlying structures in our life such as jobs, family, friends, finances might not be working for us on a soul level.

Our digestive system and stomach could indicate that we are having trouble digesting life or that certain feelings/activities/emotions are stuck and not being addressed and 'digested' or looked at enough for us to overcome them and learn from them as our soul grows into a newer version of ourselves.

Our reproductive system so pelvis, womb, ovaries and testies could suggest that we are not moving from a place of creation but rather of stagnation so looking at where we could be more creative in our lives and become more in touch with our creative nature as a soul is where we are being asked to look.

Our respiratory system or heart and lungs could be indicating that we are not taking 'breath of life' or following our hearts desires. Starting to ask our hearts where we would like to go and what we would like to experience could help alleviate any symptoms in this area and create greater flow in our lives and soul growth.

Our neurological system or nerves and brain actually relates to everything within our bodies so could be a combination of a lot of things but on the whole relates to how we view ourselves and the world around us. If we are in fear or stress at the world around us or life in general this system is most definitely going to be affected!

As well as the structures of the body there are also certain areas/joints that can be affected by certain issues. Again looking at what these areas do in the body can give us an indication of what in life we might be struggling with on a soul level.

For example, feet and hands are indicative of holding onto things and letting go of them, so if you have particular issues physically in these areas its a good idea to take a look at weather you find it difficult to let go of things/situations/people or if you feel like you need to 'grab' for things in life instead of allowing them to come to you in the natural flow.

Elbows and knees can be to do with self sabotage and not allowing the flow of life.

Hips are our way to propel ourselves forward as we walk so is on a metaphysical front related to our movement forward in life and pains and issues here can indicate a loss of direction in life or refusal to move forward on an emotional level, work level, relationship level etc.

Shoulders are related to the burdens we feel in life...if we feel that we need to take control, hold others up or heal the world, these will all be stored in our shoulders and 'weigh' us down in life.

Collar bones are related to relationships and the heart so can indicate something about our relationship to self or others.

As a general rule anything presenting itself in your right hand side has to do with masculine energy or that of doing, making things happen, the human world around us and any males in our lives. The left hand side has to do with the more feminine aspects of life such as flow, creation, connection to our soul, source, those around us and the planet and also the other females in our lives. So with each pain we can see where we are out of balance in the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves (we all have both these aspects within us!) And anything at the front of the body is indicative of a present issue....anything at the back for the body is past trauma that is moving through the body ready to be released as we move through 'time'.

That was a short and sweet tour of metaphysics and soul growth and can give some indications of where our soul is feeling our of line, restricted or areas for growth. We can always move our consciousness to a particular area to ask what the pain is telling us and how we can move through it by simply finding a quiet place, clearing the mind and asking the area in question what it can show us and how to move forward!

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