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Moon Energy!

So, by now you will probably have an inclining..or more than that, that the moon cycles affect us energetically. The full moon is a time of release and the new moon a time to set intensions for what you would like to see in the next cycle!

There has been much talk of the energy of the moon and how to harness it for transformation and manifestation! My angels and guides have told me not to bather too much with this notion as our energy is all we need to manifest that which we need in this life!

However, I do use it as a reminder that life happens in cycles and the new moon highlights the new that can be attained in our life! During this period I go inwards and see what comes up to be addressed and what newness is coming through for me...many people use this time to set intentions for manifestation on the physical plane but for me it has become a time to remind myself of what soul growth can be achieved.

This full moon the notion of fully entering my body with ALL my energy came up! Some of you may have read earlier posts of mine where I say I feel like a discombobulated head at times...where my energy is stuck in my head and the realm of what better time for my higher self to suggest setting the intension to fully embody your energy! And much easier it is to FEEL your emotions and allow them to flow through you and let you know what can be released allowing you to feel lighter and brighter...after the emotion has passed!


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