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Multi Dimensional Living!

So, to start....what is all this hype about multi dimensional living, a shift to 5D and the evolution of Humanity...!? I have spent many years avoiding, hiding, trying to get my human brain around these issues...but actually its very simple really....we just need to let go and embrace the changes!! The changes happening to us, to the planet and to the world around us! No, they are not always nice but they are a part of our awakening as a collective and the evolution of Humanity.

As beings we are becoming our higher dimensional selves, a new breed of connected humanity that is multi dimensional, can hear and feel others' pain and suffering, is centred in love and here to help all, not just ourselves survive what has been a harsh climate for us all for so many generations. In order to do that embracing all of these changes, all of the new ways of being that we are being asked to birth and facing our fears so we can embrace them fully is the only way to do it!

Turning into our fears and allowing ourselves to be truly open with others about who we are. Those that don't believe or can't see it yet will fall away and we will find the people who 'know' intrinsically with their heart what is happening on the planet right now and that things will never be the same and that all our hidden talents and abilities are rising to the surface to be discovered and shared with the world to help others evolve, to help the planet (Gaia) to evolve, to birth a new society based on love, trust, sharing and connection to all that is. This is nothing to be scared of but something to be embraced and we see the greatest shift in Humanity for millennia!

So why I am telling you this in a blog on a massage, remedial and yoga page...?! Because these are not all the things I can do...those that know me and have had treatments know things can be fixed that we as humans believe cannot be fixed. As we move into this new version of humanity, this new version of the world our bodies change, they can hold higher frequencies of light (in reality that is all the body is...light and vibration) and with this higher light the body can be fixed and healed in a way that hasn't been able to happen for millennia because the vibration of the human body was is no longer that low.

As our bodies change our diet changes and our need for exercise and nature become stronger, we can no longer tolerate milk, wheat, sugar, caffeine, and crave fruit, vegetables and whole some foods. It is not an illness it is evolution, honour it, allow it and eat from a place of consciousness instead of habit. Move from a place of consciousness instead of habit, feel what the body needs and follow that might be to run, to wake up at 5, to practice Yoga, to Dance...allow it...allow the body to awaken as the mind awakens to all that is around you, within you and everything that is possible in our world.

Our 'light bodies' our awakening as we awaken and all can be fixed with light and love if we allow ourselves to be in this multi dimensional space of being. The body can heal from trauma and release what is stuck, it can allow the light in to upgrade our DNA and allow our light bodies to fully become what we are evolving into....A multi dimensional human with amazing abilities we are all discovering.

Allow yourself this gift to open and the light body to emerge fully as we evolve and more humanity forward into a place of love and compassion for ourselves and all those around us. Treat yourself with respect and love always.

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