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Nature Spirits!

So many of us are struggling to stay in our centre...there is so much going on within our energy fields right now...the old is being 'dug out' by the power of the sun...All that is no longer in alignment with our highest timelines is being brought to our attention to be accepted, noticed and felt.

The shadow of humanity is being brought to our attention in every way possible to allow us to awaken to our true nature as a soul and part of divinity itself. But one things that comes back to me again and again is that we not only need to recharge in nature and upload the codes she provides for our highest good. But also that we ARE nature!

We are part of all that is, part of the planet as a whole and part of nature itself. We do not only need to be in nature but we are nature. The draw for me to be in nature is so strong that unless I am surrounded by my fur babies, in nature it's self or looking at nature I feel out of balance...out of alignment with source and out of alignment with who I am!

Obviously we are still straddling the two worlds of the Third Dimension that is falling away at a rapid rate and showing us our own shadows as a society and as individuals. But we are also straddling the world of the Fifth Dimension which is bringing us into alignment with source, with our true nature of connection and abundance. We truly are navigating the shift between realms and between our personal and collective demons as we find our way back to nature and the soverenty of our own being.

I am being guided on a daily basis to look at things from a higher perspective, to look inside the narrative of all that is happening around us. To look into the good it is leading us towards and how the shadow itself is leading us to our true nature, our true selves and back to Gaia herself who truly wants all beings to thrive and connect in the power of her love, the power of nature and the safety of her being.

Nameste 💖

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