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Opening the Heart Charkra

These are very intense times indeed to be a human..there is so much going on that has been hidden for long as so many and it can some times be very hard to swallow1 But one thing is for sure, the way to navigate all that is going on is to open your heart and allow compassion to flow. Compassion for yourself, for others and humanity as a whole. It may seem like the opposite of what you would like to do right now but in actual fact it can bring so much peace and resilience to your life in general.

So how can we go about opening when all we want to do is close off to all the things that are going....?

  1. Allow yourself time to 'just be' not think about anything, to 'turn off' if you like from the business and the chaos. Allow your thoughts to just float past and not to linger in the mind...meditation is a great way to do this.

  2. Get out in nature! Nature is amazing and healing and wonderful if you allow yourself time to 'be' in it, see the flowers, the amazing things nature can do among all of the weather changes, the building, the roads....but it always comes back and can help you release all that is not needed just by connecting with it.

  3. Exercise daily....walk, do yoga, run, dance, what ever it is that helps move your energy and stops it being 'stuck' in the body and allows it to flow.

  4. Create something... art, craft, music, writing, what ever form you like to work with, allow yourself time to create daily.

  5. Allow yourself to FEEL, explore your feelings and where they have come from....some may not be so nice but the way to release them is to feel them without judgement and allow them to flow through the body.

  6. Practice of my favourites for an instant lift! Some times it maybe hard to find something to be grateful for but the more we do it the more we see to be grateful for and the easier it is to find some joy!

  7. Read a book...allow your mind to wonder and your senses to be engaged by the words on the page....this is your heart and mind creating.

  8. Laugh as much as you can...this is an instant lift for the heart and soul!

  9. When the mind wonders try to catch yourself and bring yourself back to your breath, allow a large breath to fill your stomach and allow your conscious mind to stay there for a few breaths....this becomes easier the more you do it!

  10. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables...they have a grounding affect and allow your body to experience the goodness of nature.

  11. Drink water....we are 70% and as what we think and feel is stored in the water of our body it is essential to allow it to flow easily.

  12. Acceptance is key...allow yourself to feel the emotions for any given circumstances and accept all that it has brought you.

  13. Let go of control....all we can really control is our reaction to the things around us, not what is going on....allow yourself to flow with the moment.

  14. Whoever you are right that...and accept yourself as much as you can for exactly who you are now...we are changing all the time!

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