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Planetary Connections!

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

With all the activity in the sky's at the moment and so much going on in the astrological world, I felt drawn to share a simple exercise to help us get in touch with the wisdom of the plants!

Each planet has its own link to something within our being...the Moon links to our emotions and how we can best share our gifts with the world, Mercury links to how we view finances and sharing our Energy....there really is no such thing as finances....that's a 3D construct....everything is energy, including money and communication which Mercury has been traditionally linked to...I feel it as the planet of Energy Sharing :) Mars links to the use of our mind and how to use and ignite our passions...again it has traditionally been seen as the plant of the mind and masculine nature of our being but I feel it as helping us to ignite our fires of passion and feelings allowing the mind to 'get out of the way' as it were allowing the heart and mind to work together! Pluto can help us to see what 'can't be seen' and move forward in life.....Venus guides us in sacred relationships and 'love' or close relationships as we put it down here!

Each planet has its own gifts to share with us as we transverse this huge shift in human consciousness.

During the full moon on the 20th I connected with the Moon to see what gifts she would share and got the message to 'Love with all our hearts no matter the consequences'....each person will get guidance that is unique for them and relevant to their life circumstances...if you are a wayshower, you may get collective guidance to be shared!

So, how do we did this....its pretty easy really....connect with the planet that you are most drawn to at this this solar system we have the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Earth, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. But of course there are many solar systems and many may feel drawn to explore somewhere new or get guidance from home planets or else where!

To connect....focus your attention on that planet and drop down into your heart centre (this can be done by allowing you awareness to drop down from your mind to your takes practice and you may come up against some feelings in there you haven't processed yet but everyone is able to do it!)....and simply ask what guidance or information can be shared with you at this time! And allow what ever comes through to come through to you. Sometimes this takes the form of pictures or inner knowing's, or a clear really depends on the strongest of your senses at this time and how they choose to commune with you :)

Happy Star Gazing and Allow your inner compass to guide you :)

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