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Raising your Vibration!

I was sure I wrote a post on this...but I am being drawn to write it again! Our vibration is like our own personal energy signature, we can recognise other souls at a soul level by the vibration they are on and often feel drawn to connect with others of a similar vibration to our own! There are two reasons for energies magnify each others energy so you tend to feel 'good' or of a higher vibration when you have encounter someone of a like energy to your own. We also have soul family members who have an effect of sky rocketing our energy if we are open to them. Soul family are souls who have travelled together for a long time and may even be a twin flame or a twin my experience the twin Rays are the ones that sky rocket your energy and seem to change all timelines in the process and bring you into total alignment with who you are...such a great feeling when it happens but these souls may just be in our journey for a short time to help us remember who we truly are!

Anyway, that's how our energy and vibration can be affected by others...I am sure I will write a post about that another day! But for today, how we can raise our own vibration!

10 top tips!

1. Choose a health plant based diet as often as you can...tis is not always possible and in actual fact sometimes it takes both our mind and body to be on board for this to work so be mindful of the choices you are making and go with what feels right at the time for you!

2. Drink plenty of water....essentially we are an energy being so water helps to connect all the energy within our body so we flow at a 'faster' rate and our bodies work to their optimum.

3. Make time in the day just for you to meditate, connect with your heart and be fully in the moment. There are some mediations here Co creation and the journey of ascension ( and a heart connection one here Clearing the Heart ( It is so important that we connect as often as we can with our inner self as we raise our vibration to the next level.

4. Try as often as possible to go where your heart is drawn, weather this be to make a piece of art, go for a walk, connect with friends, read a book or whatever it is that helps you feel grounded and 'good'.

5. Ground into 5D as often as you can, 5D is the new world and brings with it a feeling of peace and joy...often on our journey of ascension we can drop down and feel bogged down by what is going on around us, we can shift more easily when we are aligned with the 5D reality! Again look at the meditation here Co creation and the journey of ascension (

6.Go out in nature, this isn't always the easiest, especially if you are in a city but there will always be nature somewhere, go to the park or stand by a tree or ever better get out for a walk somewhere in nature.

7. Do some exercise! The body loves to move and the more we allow it the more we can release. Try Yoga, or running, dancing, or climbing, swimming or playing with your children. Once you start to move you will feel the benefit and your vibration will naturally rise.

8. Don't beat yourself up!!! If you have had days where you have needed chocolate or cant get off the sofa know that at some level this is what you have needed, forgive yourself for not following your inner guidance and start again when you are ready!

9. Connect with your angels and guides as often as you can, they have an uncanny knack of making us feel good :) If you haven't yet learnt how to connect find a course or group that can help.

10. Clear your energy field often. This can by down in the shower, imagining white light is cascading down and taking away any energy that doesn't resonate with your raising energy field, going to an Energy Healer or doing a body scan for Clearing your Energy Field (

The process of ascension can be so hard on our bodies as we transverse this dense physical reality and let go of the old energy stored in our being! Be gentle and loving to yourself always! The more you can take care of yourself and follow your heart and guidance the easier it becomes to fully love yourself and those around you which is all part of raising your vibration!

With Love and Blessings Always


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