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Reading for the days before the 11/11 gateway!

11/11 is a gateway of light that allows us to move to our next level of enlightenment as a being here on Earth! By no means is this the only time that we can do this...but it is a time where we can tap into the collective ascension energy and allow ourselves to move further along our journey.

Lemuria - Creating Heaven on Earth. its happening! The angels are telling us to embody our beliefs and let go of that which no longer serves. To allow ourselves to feel this shift into the higher realms and align accordingly. It is a time of great sorrow for what is being left but also a time of great joy for what is being gained and created in the higher realms of existence. We are being lead to focus on our joy and bring more of it into the field: to connect with nature, to feel the presence of our soul and to make great leaps forward in our ascension. You are supported by so much light at this time that there really is nothing to be afraid of, set you intensions high and allow your soul to sore as only you know how to! Great things are coming...hold the vision, hold the feeling and allow flow to move through you as you open to receiving all that is meant for you in this great time of ascension and joy....we are watching, we are encouraging, help are holding our focus on you so you can reach the depths of your soul and the heights of your experience!

Share your Voice - Come our of the cave. Persecution. Expression! It is time for all souls on earth to move as one to encourage each other, to form connections and lift each other as we move through this great time. There is no time to waist, no time to ponder the is a time to connect and make the field stronger in love, with your essence and your joy, it is time to fulfil your purpose and create the life only your soul can! But first you must move, allow yourself the joy of connection and leave behind the traumas that have plagued the earth for so long. It is time to stand in your truth, in your power, in your soul as you share your gifts and your voice with the world once again. You have done this many times before and now is no exception, share and connect, we are with you and assist you every step of the way as you tentatively take your steps out into the world to hold the field and allow others to do the same.

No - Wait, Postpone, Pause, Say No! Now is NOT the time to say no to your is a time to say yes, to whatever your soul is drawn to do, it is a time of great strength and is however a time to say NO to the conditions that have bound you and the illusions of your soul. A time to say NO MORE to that which has stopped you stepping forward, a time to say NO to all that is not in alignment for your soul and a time to say YES to everything that you are and that you will become! This time brings great strength to allow you let go and become, to follow your heart and to head the call to help humanity in its rise to the fifth dimension, to walk through the gates of your initiation and stand in your power as the force of nature you were created to be!

We are with you we have heard your calls and we are hear to assist on every level, allow your guards to fall and your hearts to open as you trust in the power that is your soul and the light that we hold around your Earth!

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