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Regeneration and the Human Body!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The human body is amazing! Even after twenty years of studying it I still get amazed at the things it can do!

EVERY cell within our body regenerates itself on a regular basis and within a 7 year period we have a totally new body....every single cell in the body has been made again....some many times!

So, what does this mean for our health...? That our health can change, we can heal, we can become sick, we can become a totally different person!

But from a health and wellness point of view our brain is connected to the rest of our body literally meaning that what we think is stored in the body, within the, if we can challenge and change the way we think, the cells in our body can change with this!

Basically we are one big brain (which is actually run by the heart through signals) and if we can change these signals, we can change what the body is doing. We can change how we feel and we can change the health of the body. The trick is to be conscious of the thoughts we have and the effect they are going to have on the body.

This is where it can get tricky! When we are in pain we get stuck in a pain loop, the body senses pain, we send that signal to the brain and the brain says we are in pain and sends the signal to the body to say we are in pain and the pain continues!

So, how do we get out of this loop...? By allowing the body to calm and think of nothing! This is why Massage is such a powerful tool for health. It gives us the chance for our mind to STOP and when our mind stops the neurons and neurotransmitters in the body stop too...and they get time to rest....and breath...and stop sending pain signals around the body....thus the pain cycle is interrupted....and the more we can do this the more our body can regenerate different cells, ones that are calm and not imbued with a pain signal...a CLEAR cell, and then this cell doubles and makes another CLEAR cell and so the more time we take to allow the mind the STOP the more CLEAR cells can be regenerated and slowly slowly more and more cells become clear. SO...with every cell being new within a 7 year period we could make a whole new pain free body of cells :)

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