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Shoulder Impingement

This should have been a post about shoulder impingement and how to help it heal...I spent a long time thinking about the mechanics, the reasons we get shoulder impingement and frozen shoulder and all the ways to help release it and help us get back to full health....but every time I go to write it the only thing that comes to mind is RAISE YOUR VIBRATION! So what does this mean...I see it all the time and its a real 'buzz' word in certain circles....but what we need to know is that is how we heal and bodies, our mind and our souls. Its the process of letting go of all we have known and all that we are trying to hold on to and find our light by doing what 'lights us up' that which allows us to be fully present and in the moment with no mind chatter, no thoughts of when shall I do this or that, no numbing ourselves with TV and computers....Just the simple process of allowing ourselves to be just who we are at this moment, no worries, no trying to fix things or ourselves, just the absolute pleasure of BEING.... of having fun, of exploring the world, of loving those closest to us without fear of what others think or how we think we should be...that is how we fix everything, that is how our bodies heal, that is how our minds heal and that is how our life gets better!!

Bit by bit as we RAISE OUR VIBRATION and fall in love with ourselves and our lives our bodies to heal a frozen shoulder or on impingement do what you love to do.....and if you don't, explore and find what you love to do, and do it over and over and over until you fall in love with life and your heart breaks open allowing you live the life that leads to health

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