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Showing Up!

Over the last few days and weeks life has changed massively for us...we have gone from living right in the middle of a City, to living right in the middle of a farm...not a dream I realised I had until it happened! It is quite liberating to live in a place of such freedom and I feel so lucky that we were able to move, I have loved every minute of being able to wake up, open the door and see green fields and a beautiful sunrise :) I look out of my window and see trees and fields where there once was concrete and buildings!

But with this freedom comes to ability to connect with nature and your trueself. There is no hiding in the shadows or being drawn into the business of the city; the energy of the wheel in motion as the city turns on its hamster wheel of people going to school, to work, to run around and be busy doing all the things society suggests we do to be happy, healthy, productive members of society! All that has gone and what is left is an opportunity to gather myself and reflect on what life is really about!

And today the term Showing Up is prominent in my mind! In the city it is easy to show up, with all the time restraints, people keeping appointments and running around just kind of get swept up with the energy of the city and all that is going on! Moving to some where so serene and peaceful has taught me about 'showing up', and how to show up. It isn't just about being somewhere in the physical (which is actually quite easy to do, you get up and get feels like I have spent my whole life so far doing this!). It is about being present and showing up as ALL of you ALL of the time...not the bit that is needed that day but the whole of you, in heart, mind, body and soul! It is easy to physically be somewhere, it is not so easy to be FULLY somewhere with heart, mind, body and soul all at the same time!

Moving has also taught me that I find it quite easy to get to places, to take my daughter to where she needs to go and help her socialise and learn...but showing up for yourself is also make sure that you have time to do the things you love and that light you up and to with yourself. To take care of your needs; heart, body and soul can be a challenge! We spend so much time running around being busy that we forget how to 'be ourselves' to nurture our energy and show up as 'US' rather than the parts of us that are needed for certain activities to function in the well oiled machine we call society.

So what does it mean to show up for ourselves...

To turn into your intuition at every possible opportunity

To listen to and follow your intuition (even if you don't know where it will lead!)

Quite an extreme example I know but I bought a bell tent to put in the garden of the house in the city....sat and looked at the garden and it came to me that the tent wasn't meant for that garden but we decided to move...most scary time in my life so far as I had no idea where we were going to move or how it was going to happen but that's how we ended up in the middle of a farm and living our best life! Not the right place for the tent...but that is in the watch this space!

To put yourself and your needs first...not the ones we have been taught but the real ones from the quiet voice in your head and heart

To follow your dreams and show up everyday if there is something you want in life! The master isn't the one who never fails but the one who fails and learns from the can learn 1000 things from 1000 failures!

To turn into your fears (they are covers for your intuition...they are leading you somewhere magnificent!)

Its been an interesting few months...and a few months that I have loved :) I hope everyone reading this makes time to nurture themselves and learn to 'show up' as ALL of you :)


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