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Soul Expansion!

This time on Earth is a time for expansion, for growth, for finding our true light. It is a time to realise that we are not separate from our bodies, from our mind, from our Ego...we are all of these things and more! When something happens to the human body it is our souls way of gaining our attention, of our body being the road map to how we feel and what is stuck ready for coming to the light. When we listen to the secrets of our body we are able to transcend the feelings and thoughts that are stuck in the body and soul and allow ourselves to expand.

When we listen to our mind with intension and compassion we realise that patterns that we have been stuck in and can transcend and allow the thoughts to move through our soul and our body for our soul to expand.

When we allow ourselves to notice the ego and how we have seen ourselves, we allow these preconceptions to transcend through the soul, the mind and the body and all become one. Like the truth that we are all one, we must first realise that all parts of us are one, to encompass ALL parts of ourselves into our being, the good the bad and the ugly...also the light, the compassion the love that our soul is.

We chose the avatar we came in with, the human body we came in with, the way we look, the way we feel, the way 'we are'!. We chose the thoughts and feelings that we are making our way through, we chose ALL of it, to help us grow and expand. With each lifetime we grow and expand, with each experience we grow and expand, with each situation we grow and expand but only if we look into ourselves to see the growth that is present, the growth that we have come to experience, the growth that is possible.

Everything is designed to help you! :)


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