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Stepping Out!

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

So, for the last few days I have been feeling out of sorts....well lets face it the last few months!! There has been so much coming to my attention for growth and healing that 'everyday' life has been interesting! We are being challenged in so many ways to move forward as a collective, as a new humanity, that anything that is holding us back is being brought to our attention! So many old wounds and ways of thinking are crumbling around us that its hard to see how to step out of the chaos and into a new paradigm of love and compassion for all...including ourselves!

I have days where the world seems bright and I can sense the newness around me, feel the progress we are making and know a shift is on its way...there are other days where I am catapulted into old ways of being, the world seems dark and no evolution seems to be occurring. This is the duality we walk in...the crumbling of the old...all the structures we have built over centuries are being toppled, we are being asked to live in a different way...a more harmonious way, a way that allows our souls to be free, connected and open to all the experiences of being human, not just the ones we choose!

We are being called to be ALL that we are and use ALL of the skills we have! We are being asked not to allow ourselves to be placed in boxes or be just one thing....but be ALL that we are in every moment. To embrace ALL of our talents, our soul gifts and our inner light. Whether that is showing our vulnerability for all to see or our rage at how things used to be and how much we want them to change. We are being called to step out of our comfort zone and allow ourselves to shine from the heart, like a care bear, allowing others to feel safe to shine their light to.

It is time to embrace ALL of ourselves, even the bits we have hidden to protect our precious light. Its time to allow our children to be who they are instead of who we want them to be and embrace their light as the holder of this legacy for generations to come. It is time to 'step out' and show others the way to live with truth, compassion, empathy and understanding for all beings, to connect with mother Earth and show not only ourselves but the animal kingdom that we can be true to nature and who we are as we follow the guidance of the planet and allow our hearts to shine!

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