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Surrender and Trust!

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

I wake up this morning to the terms surrender...this is something I have traditionally had a slight issue with! Surrender has always been a 'giving up' to me, so I let myself delve into the feelings I associate with surrender and all the feelings of powerlessness, not being in control, having no direction, feeling useless as I allow someone else to direct where I go. And then, as the universe always does I am directed to little ditties of information to heighten my awareness around surrender! My angels and guides came in with the words

So what do these words surrender to love for allow them their journey as they wish to have it....?

What does it mean to surrender to love for yourself? To allow yourself to feel loved by you, without judgement. To allow yourself to take action in accordance with love for yourself over what others think, feel or are doing. To allow yourself to make yourself and your life the most important thing in your life...with all your foie balls, idiosyncrasies, and weird amazingness that is you.

Surrender is to allow the outer world to do it's thing while you look at and concentrate on your inner world, your feelings, your thoughts, your desires and where you heart is leading you. Allowing yourself to concentrate on your inner world as the outer world aligns with you, not vice versa.

We try so hard to control our outer conditions but actually our power lies in our inner world, how we react and how we give and receive love...when we get these in order the outer world is a breeze and comes along like a ripple of our inner world.

I hope this helps anyone who needs it find peace in the term surrender and allow love to lead the way :)



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