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The Element of Water!

Water, water, water...that is what has been brought to my attention for the week or so! Everyone I have treated has had kidney or bladder meridian imbalances, in classes butterfly and the asanas focusing on the kidneys were a struggle and particularly in the left side! Then I get up this morning and my dog has pee'd in the kitchen (she is 15yrs old so I will let her off!) and it went EVERYWHERE...I don't think I have ever seen so much wee!

Then I speak to a friend who is an astrologer (As the Sky Turns Astrology...if anyone wants to connect with her!) and she says 'yeah Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct Pisces and Venus is also in Pisces'....I am not an astrologer but there are a lot of watery planets and elements caught up in the feminine aspect of Venus! Not to mention the flooding that is happening in Australia at the of the largest land masses on Earth!

Now why am I saying all this...because it just illustrates to me how EVERYTHING and everyone is so interconnected! The Kidneys and the Bladder are our filtration and exit system for fluids in the body, predominantly water! And as I have said before the water in our body stores emotions as vibration that filter through our system (see the work of Dr Masaru Emoto for more information on this!) The Kidney meridian goes down the front of the body and down the inside of the legs while the Bladder meridian goes straight down the back of the body and the back of the legs...these are where problems may be occurring for people...especially on the left side!

This water element and emotional release seems to be where a lot of thing are cumulating to be released at the moment! Especially the left side which is our female side connected to our intuition, ability to create and nurture ourselves and others...and with so much going on in the world is it not surprising that our bodies are trying to find balance and integration by releasing emotions and allowing us to gain more feminine, nurturing and creative aspects within ourselves...?

So what can we do to help our bodies through this transition! One thing I realised when mopping up dog wee...was that water...when not suitably contained causes a huge mess!! So how do we contain water...predominantly with Earth or some kind of Earth! So my first thing to say would be try to keep yourself grounded so water and emotions can flow...this will make it easier on the body! If you feel drawn, take a Yin Yoga class to try and help the flow of the kidney and bladder meridians so the body can release and 'unblock' itself of its own accord...its really important to allow the body to do it on its own time other wise we get into all sorts of problems and the stored emotions just bounce around the body until they are ready to be released at a later date!

A really gross example of this...but that came to me today is trying to squeeze a spot before its ready...we have all done it! Its sore, it gets painful and red...a little gunk comes out but you know there's more in there and now you've opened the skin and its prone to infection if you don't bathe it everyday, gunk continues to come out and then you get a scab which takes ages to heal.....! But you know if you left the spot alone it would 'burst' of its own accord or the body would just heal it without the pain and irritation of busting the skin! The body is an amazing thing and can heal itself if we give it the right conditions and support by noticing the unfelt feelings and thoughts we have and allowing them to filter through in their own time!

Namaste Beautiful Souls

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