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The Energy Body

We are energetic beings of light, life on Earth has had us believe that this is not the case...however, the science of it cannot be disproven. It has been said a million times before...Everything is energy including us! But what does this mean as a human being...?

It means that we a are more than our human body, more than the life we are living right now and more than we perceive ourselves to be. For many of us this time on Earth is a time of realisation, of facing our fears and coming to know who we truly are as beings of light....pure energy that can never die or dissolve only change form. But what is so special about this time on Earth is our innate ability to become conscious beings, allowing our light to shine and our presence to be animated in the exquisite form that we are as a human. It is a time where we are able to shed the layers of heavy energy and transform them with light, with love and with consciousness.

For a long time as a species we have thought that consciousness comes from the brain and that humans are the ones that are highly evolved on this planet....but many of us are coming to the realisation that consciousness does not come from the mind but rather the combination of the heart and mind in sync with each other. That our power as beings of light and love comes from our knowing of how to care for each other and the planet in a heartfelt and conscious way, taking ALL life into consideration rather just a small part of the life on this planet.

Now is an amazing time to awaken to who we truly are and the path that leads us home to our own inner knowing and conscious heart mind connection. It is a time of liberation and taking off the shackles that have been placed around us in the hope that we wouldn't realise the truth of who we are....a being of pure energy. It is a time of great darkness but also of great light as without each other neither one could exist....will you hear the call of your inner light and make your way back to the truth of who you are...?

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